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Cleaning equipment

We manufacture cleaning equipment for solar panels. We offer cleaning solutions that maximize energy production efficiency.

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Our engineering department allows us to adapt any product to the needs of each client.

Extendable pole with rotary brush and water system. Get a deeper clean without scrubbing. 

Hydraulic arm with a self-regulable brush to be used with a tractor. Does not put weight on the panel.

Cleaning regulable brush to be attached to any articulated excavator arm. Does not put weight on the panel.

Automatic robot with two brushes. Fast and great cleaning.

Manual robot with double brush system, capable of homogenizing the cleaning carried out by operators. Lightweight and portable.

The cleaning of solar facilities has become an essential factor for O&M maximizing energy generation.


About us

We are a Spanish company born in 2015, manufacturer of solar panel cleaning equipment. We design and manufacture equipment solving the cleaning needs of solar plants. We have a highly qualified multidisciplinary team that studies each installation, offering the solution that best suits the client’s needs.

sistemas de limpieza fotovoltaica
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SCM labs

We design, test and verify. Our engineers use the field at the SCM facility to test our new designs. All prototypes are subsequently validated and certified by internationally recognized agencies to ensure maximum efficiency of solar panel cleaning equipment.

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