With the needs of our clients as a focus.

Our machinery park has been tought and designed to obtain optimum results on each of the real situations on the market, our machines are 100% adaptable.


We provide the best photovoltaic cleaning solutions since we are the only world manufacturer that offers cleaning solutions both hydraulic arms and robots, that is why we can advise our clients which is the best solution in accordance with the needs of your photovoltaic installation.

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Custom solar panels cleaning equipment.
We have everything you need.

Recover the production of the solar panels
in the fastest and easiest way and with the lowest possible water consumption.



We will keep you informed during the manufacturing process.



We will invite you to the mandatory final tests in our facilities.



The commissioning of the cleaning devices will take place in your facilities.



We will accompany you with our after-sales department throughout the entire lifetime of the product wherever you are.

We manufacture machinery
with the premise of breakage of plaques = 0


Experience unparalleled peace of mind knowing your solar panels are always generating maximum energy with our reliable cleaning equipment and exceptional customer service.

Since 2015, SCM has been dedicated to keeping solar panels clean by crafting robust and dependable products. We’ve tackled a diverse range of situations, adapting to each with unwavering dedication and commitment.

We understand your needs and are committed to providing authentic and accessible solutions.

24/7 Support

Rest assured that your equipment is operating at peak performance and that a team of experts is available 24/7 to assist you.

Guaranteed Quality

Equipment certified by solar panel manufacturers and the University of Zaragoza. We have academic and technical backing that ensures the quality of our products.

Growing with You

We offer a comprehensive range of products to suit any budget and installation type. We recommend the best solutions, even if they're not ours.

Whenever you need us, our experts will be happy to assist you, resolve any issues, and even provide replacement parts to keep everything running smoothly.

How to get started?

The process

  1. Contact Us: Fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch promptly.
  2. We analyze your needs: We’ll assess your specific requirements to ensure we provide the ideal solution.
  3. Tailored solution: We’ll recommend the best option for you, even if it’s not one of our own products.

Feel free to ask us without obligation.

We offer comprehensive training, 24/7 support, and readily available spare parts. Additionally, we have an international network of distributors to ensure you always have the support you need.

Discover our products

Cleaning equipment for solar panels

Hydraulic arm with a self-regulable brush to be used with a tractor. 

Does not put weight on the panel. 

Cleaning regulable brush to be attached to any articulated backhoe arm. 

Does not put weight on the panel.

Automatic robot with programmable double brush system. 

Individual model and interconnected by groups

Manual robot with double brush systemcapable of homogenizing the cleaning carried out by operators

Lightweight and portable. 

Extendable pole with rotary brush and water system. Get a deeper clean without scrubbing. 

Comfortable and easy to use.