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All our machines are adaptable

The improvement and creation of specific machinery for each photovoltaic cleaning situation permeates every corner of the company. The concept far exceeds the simple existence of a department, even though it is the most important of the company.

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A whole network of talent, technical knowledge of different specialties and a multidisciplinary team. Hours and resources made available for continuous improvement and the search for excellence for all our cleaning machines for photovoltaic panels.



Every idea, every concept, has to be designed, prototyped and tested. And correct until optimal results are obtained.

Our design staff participates in the manufacturing and commissioning processes of cleaning equipment as part of the training plan to have a faithful and real image of the problem of cleaning machines for photovoltaic panels.

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Recover the production of photovoltaic panels
in the FASTEST WAY, EASIER TO HANDLE and with the least possible water expenditure.

We manufacture machines for cleaning solar panel installations
with the premise of panel breakage = 0


Machines tested in external laboratories

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colaboración sobre el rendimiento de los equipos de limpieza
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Cleaning equipment for solar panels

Hydraulic arm with a self-regulable brush to be used with a tractor. 

Does not put weight on the panel. 

Cleaning regulable brush to be attached to any articulated backhoe arm. 

Does not put weight on the panel.

Automatic robot with programmable double brush system. 

Individual model and interconnected by groups

Manual robot with double brush systemcapable of homogenizing the cleaning carried out by operators

Lightweight and portable. 

Extendable pole with rotary brush and water system. Get a deeper clean without scrubbing. 

Comfortable and easy to use.