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We offer the cleaning solution that best suits your needs to improve the efficiency of energy production.



It is a priority for SCM to carry out all our actions in an environmentally friendly way. We contribute to a healthier environment by promoting clean energy.



Our engineering department designs all the solutions we offer to the market. We are the only manufacturer of cleaning solutions in the world that is able to supply both robots and arms with cleaning brushes of our own design.


About us

We are a Spanish company that since 2015, we design and manufacture equipment that responds to the cleaning needs of solar plants. We have a highly qualified multidisciplinary team that studies each installation in detail, to offer the solution that best meets the needs of each client.

Designing the machinery for solar panels cleaning.

Diseñando la maquinaria para la limpieza de placas solares



Your tailor-made products for each installation. Our team continuously researches and develops new technical solutions that allow us to incorporate the latest technology available in the market to our products.

Equipos de limpieza para placas solares fabricadas en España


Machines tested in external laboratories

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colaboración sobre el rendimiento de los equipos de limpieza
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Official certificates

We manufacture with the promise of
zero broken panels

Cleaning of photovoltaic installations


In approaching problems, the first step of ignorance is to presume what you know.


In our work, perseverance attracts good luck.


Behavior governed by ETHIC, we are honest, we speak clearly, we listen, we collaborate, we express our opinion, and we respect those of others.


In relationships with customers and suppliers, anger is a poison that one takes thinking that he is going to kill the other.


Problems bring out the best in us, resignation is a daily suicide.


As a consequence of all the above. Don't start something if you're not going to try to be the best.

Hydraulic arm  Automatic robot  Manual robot  Customization

We do not want to sell a specific product at all costs. Our mission is to help you solve your problems.

We give you the best solution, whether or not it is done with our products.

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Discover our products

Cleaning equipment for solar panels

Hydraulic arm with a self-regulable brush to be used with a tractor. 

Does not put weight on the panel. 

Cleaning regulable brush to be attached to any articulated backhoe arm. 

Does not put weight on the panel.

Automatic robot with programmable double brush system. 

Individual model and interconnected by groups

Manual robot with double brush systemcapable of homogenizing the cleaning carried out by operators

Lightweight and portable. 

Extendable pole with rotary brush and water system. Get a deeper clean without scrubbing. 

Comfortable and easy to use.