Solar Cleaning Machinery

The care of our energies deserves constant improvements in the hitherto not sufficient market of the maintenance of renewable energy installations.

mantenimiento de instalaciones de energías renovables.

Last December, the first edition of the international renewable energy fair, EXPOFIMER, was held. It was organized by AEMER and Zaragoza fair. It was an event dedicated to the O&M of renewable energies, with great national and international presence, as was our case, of photovoltaic energy. It is more than a reality that the exhibition will be consolidated as one of the events to be considered in the coming years. THE CARE OF OUR ENERGIES DESERVES CONSTANT IMPROVEMENTS IN THE HITHERTO NOT SUFFICIENT MARKET FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY INSTALLATIONS.

According to data from the fair, it brought together more than 2,800 visitors and 150 professional brands, which showed news, success story and was a meeting point with old and future contacts.


Our colleagues Pilar Tello (technical-commercial department for the cleaning and maintenance of renewable energy installations) and Pablo Canales (commercial director of the company) represented SCM solar at the expo. SHOWING TO THE MARKET OUR D2 AND S1 EQUIPMENT, EQUIPMENT THAT PRODUCED A GREAT IMPRESSION TO VISITORS AND FUTURE CUSTOMERS.

Internally, we highly value EXPOFIMER and we are sure that it will become one of the most important O&M fairs at European level. Companies of the magnitude of INGETEAM, SENS or SIEMENS GAMESA were some of the 100 exhibiting brands. The great reception of this first edition has increased expectations for next year and the real possibility of establishing the event as the reference and axis of sectoral confluence with annual character from now on.

Undoubtedly, for SCM SOLAR it will be the first of many national and international fairs since it is evident that the presence of our equipment will generate a potential market, contacts with future distributors and a new way of expansion.

We are waiting for you on the following dates of FIMA- ZARAGOZA (26-30 April)

and the leading fair in the sector INTERSOLAR-MUNICH (10-13 MAY) that will have brands and competences from the 5 continents.

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We do not intend to sell a type of product at all costs. Our mission is to offer you the best product based on the different types of problems to solve. We propose the best solution to each client’s problem, whether or not it is done with our equipment.